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Puff Dino

Puff Dino Dry Lube
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Puff Dino
Dry Lube
PUFF DINO Dry Lube - for GunsThis product is designed for the Airsoft players to better maintain their guns. It can lubricate most parts of a gun (such as slide, adjustable stock, trigger and gear box). With the PTFE additive, it not only lubricates but a
Puff Dino Silicone Lube Spray
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Puff Dino
Silicone Lube Spray
Puff Dino Silicone Lube Spray use high viscosity of 5000 cp to provide parts great lubrication. No strong solvent added, so it is safe to use on rubber and metal. Silicon lube is also heat resistance. With our special design smart nozzle, you can easily s