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Non-Blowback (NBB) Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft NBB(Non Blowback) pistols are one of the most reliable pistols you can get, the MK23 is the standard for snipers to be extremely stealthy, but have the accuracy and range that you can't even imagine from a small airsoft pistol like this. NBBs are gas efficient and can be used in any temperatures due to its design it only moves the hammer to propel the bb out of the gun. We also have the right upgrades for your non-blowback airsoft pistol.

Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom
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Tokyo Marui
MK23 Socom
The well known non blowback Mk23 from Tokyo Marui!
Extremely quiet sidearm for snipers and stealth players!
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The STTI ST23 does not have a blow-back - only allows you to tighten the hammer - that's why the replica is addressed primarily to users who prefer combat values over the precision of mapping and functionality of all mechanisms.
Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380
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Tokyo Marui
Bodyguard 380
The BODYGUARD 380 has been downsized to the optimum size for a concealed carry while retaining the functionality of a full-size handgun.
Tokyo Marui LCP Compact Carry (NBB)
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Tokyo Marui
LCP Compact Carry (NBB)
LCP Compact Carry (NBB)
ICS BLE-PM2 Co2 'Makarov' NBB
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BLE-PM2 Co2 'Makarov' NBB
Russische loadout? The ICS Makarov is essential with every russian loadout!
Novritsch SSX23 (2020-versie)
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SSX23 (2020-versie)
De NOVRITSCH SSX23 (Versie 2020) is een pre-upgrade, extreem stil Non-Blow Back Pistol. Dit is de favoriete keuze van alle stiekeme sluipschutters die er zijn.
ASG MK23 Special Operations
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MK23 Special Operations
MK23 Special Operations
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The MK1 is a very powerful semi-automatic gas operated non blowback pistol.