Ataka Shooter M2 with Harness (Olive-Drab)

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The speed and skill of a fighter on the battlefield depends not only on his strength and stamina acquired through training, but also on how his equipment, ammunition and weapons are placed on him. In modern day combat, a fighter in the true sense of the word has a hard time. He has to carry a dozen kilos of heavy equipment with him, always staying mobile and fully prepared.

The modern Chest Rigs systems are generally of two basic types: the systems, which focus on the configuration of waistcoat and distribute the weight of the equipment mainly on the shoulders. The belt systems that place the equipment around the waist.

The design of Shooter M2 is puristic and reduced to the bare minimum. A simple design and the absence of unnecessary details make the system light and secure. The main belt shoulder strap system of Shooter M2 is a modaler belt cushion or swirl, as it is called today, on which the bags and holsters are attached. Finally, it can be said that presented here Shooter M2 is a fairly convenient and functional system that is simple in settings and adjustments. It allows you to place all types of bags and holsters not only from ATAKA but also from other manufacturers, depending on the assigned task or the preferences of the fighter.

| bryan b. 28-02-2019 16:38

nu een paar keer mee ge skirmt super fijn ding geen spijt van gehad

| Lars S. 22-11-2018 10:22

This is the best setup ive ever have had my hands on, the configuration is endless, im what you Call a tall guy, 204cm and it fits me

I love it

| Bruno C. 26-10-2018 14:37

Great chest rig,comfortable,and very good to put leafs at your own will i recomended 5 stars

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