Cleanshot Runcam 2 Universal Mount(ALL LENSES)

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The Cleanshot Scope camera mount is specifically designed to fit Runcam 2 and is suitable to work with all lenses (wide angle and any zoom lenses). It is completed designed by Cleanshot and made out of 3D printed material(PLA). It's made out of 3 parts. However the case part and the top cover are glued together to make it more solid and do not need to be dissasembled for fitting in the camera. So 2 seperate parts that need to fit together perfectly.

The Mount
This mount will not only mount your Runcam 2 but will also protect it against falling damage, incoming bbs and can still be used during rainy days. 

There is no wobble or movement after you installed the complete mount.  
All buttons are still usable, even with gloves on. 

The camera needs its cooling during recording, ventilation ports have bars to maintain airflow without losing any protection. At the back you can put in a Micro USB cable to attach an external power supply. All parts are being held in place with four stainless steel M4 screws and nuts. The rail itself is also being clamped on your Picatinny rail and holds with a single M4 screw. 

Due to its designing there a few things you can't do when its all assembled. 

  • You can't exchange SD cards or Batteries when its completely installed

The mount can be assembled and disassembled as many times as you like without stripping any threads or damaging the mount. 

Included Parts

  • Three 3D Printed Parts (PLA) (top cover and base is glued together)
  • 5x Stainless Steel M4 screws
  • 5x Stainless Steel M4 nuts

The mount will come fully assembled, there is no magic needed in installing your own Runcam 2 in to the mount. 

After installing its happy shooting! 

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