Bulltrigg Trigger Mechanism VSR 10

Artikelnummer: BULLVSR10
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This is the refreshed version of original bulltrigger now called bulltrigger+. It still comes with revolutionary locking system that drops the sear straight down and compresses the spring more than usual trigger. With this system you can gain up to 50 fps (usually around 20 fps, depends on your setup)

What’s new? This trigger now comes with surface treated sears. Special surface treatment improves sliding properties and increases surface hardness up to 70 HRC. That means that trigger pull is now lighter and has incredible longevity.

Design is also changed and overall improved and refined. This trigger has nice light and short trigger pull along with preserved safety function. Installation requires trigger guard modification. Package includes: 

Installation requires trigger guard modification.

Package includes:

  • Two mounting screws
  • Two spring washer
  • Hex key
  • User manual with installation guide
| Joona T. 06-08-2018 21:59

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