Ataka Bagber Cloak (Pencott Greenzone)

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Ataka Bagber Cloak (Pencott Greenzone)

size 180 * 200cm

The Invisibility Bagber provides perfect camouflage for fighters, the name Bagber has its origins in ancient English mythology.

Bagber is a scared forest animal that can hide very well in the forest and has no concrete description. The cloak consists of a net with integrated camouflage material and a strap.
As camouflage material cut strips of fabric in camouflage pattern (MultiCam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, PenCott Greenzone) as well as synthetic fibers with different structure and color are used.

There are mainly two fiber types. The first imitates dry grass or hay with its texture and color.  The second type is a thread that is made with multicolor technology and changes its color in different sections.
In this way it can adapt perfectly to the color of different landscapes.
The main tones repeat the colors of the American Multi-Cam pattern and also provide greater voluminousness and blurriness. The cloak can also be used to camouflage weapons, backpacks and other equipment.
The model has a one size fits all, which can be easilyadjusted by regulation possibilities. 

The strap also serves to fix the cape in the folded state during transport of the article.
The cape can be worn on the shoulders as well as on the head. The view is not affected by the network effect.
On wrists, the cape can also be attached with strings. The cloak can be further prepared specifically for a particular landscape or vegetation type by using plant or textile elements.

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout


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Bagber Cloak (Pencott Greenzone)

Bagber Cloak (Pencott Greenzone)

€ 99,-

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