TruSight Airsoft Tru-Hop High Performance Bucking (Gen 2)

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The Tru-Hop ™ is a high-quality bucking for all weather conditions, designed to significantly increase range and accuracy. This bucking is installed like any other bucking on the market and requires zero modification for its use.

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Product description

TruSight Airsoft Tru-Hop High Performance Bucking (Gen 2)

The Tru-Hop TM is a high quality, high performance, all weather hopping bucking designed to significantly boost range and accuracy. This hop-up bucking is installed as any other hop-up bucking on the market and requires zero modification for its use. Additionally, this bucking will give consistently high performance results in a very wide temperature range (-50 ° C to 230 ° C / -58 ° F to 446 ° F). This means that you can expect the same range and accuracy regardless of whether you are playing in cold snow or out in a hot desert environment. Lastly, the material used in this hop-up bucking was chosen from the list of options and was identified as the best choice due to multiple physical properties; one of which is the very high durability that allows the Tru-Hop TM to withstand hundreds or thousands of rounds.

Most barrel brands are completely compatible. Please refer to the "Compatibility" section below to check if your barrel is compatible.

* Fully detailed instructions on the Tru-Hop installation below


The Science Behind Tru-Hop

The secret to the performance boost lies with the concave contact patch inside of the Tru-Hop TM bucking. This contact patch was actually designed from scratch and then tuned through numerous redesigns and experiments. The end result is a shape that maximizes performance and is backed by testing, logging, and re-testing. One of the design goals of the internal contact patch was to maximize the amount of surface area that contacts the BB. This design has two main advantages. The first advantage comes from the greater amount of material contact with the surface. This friction allows the user to over-hop any weight BB with minimal pressure from the hop-up arm. The second advantage is related to a pronounced AEG (automatic electric gun). What happens is that there is very little loss in FPS from increasing the hop-up. In other words, you can set your hop-up to the optimum setting for your desired flight path. The loss in FPS is an average. AEG there is a lot of experience with increasing hop-up pressure from the stock bucking nub to retain the BB while air pressure is built up during firing. During this time, some air is leaked at the bucking nozzle interface which leads to less kinetic energy at ideal hop-up. In contrast, the Tru-Hop bucking allows the BB to pass more freely during firing since little hop-up pressure is required. The air losses at the nozzle-bucking interface are therefore reduced and thus more energy is retained during firing. This all translates to farther range at your optimal flight path.

The second major design goal of the concave contact patch was to boost the accuracy of the airsoft gun. It was noticed that the shape of the concave patch changes as hop-up was applied. The final design had to be compensated for this change in shape so that clean concavity can be maintained at the optimal hop-up setting. Hours of trial-and-error testing was put into tuning this feature so that the compatibility of the bucking was maximized across numerous BB brands. Other features of the bucking were thoroughly studied as well. Simply put, every aspect of this bucking has been designed and tested.


TruSight also decided to go a bit beyond the bucking and designed a companion hop-up spacer that would replace the stock rubber cylinder in a typical hop-up unit. Although this spacer is not a requirement, it was found that additional precision can be squeezed out of your hop-up unit when used in conjunction with the Tru-Hop TM bucking. Like the bucking itself, this spacer was also designed from scratch and then fine tuned for performance through trial-and-error and multiple redesigns. The end result is a product that can be presented as an individual contributor to performance.

The use of the included concave spacer is optional but highly recommended as well as both accuracy and precision. In some cases however, the concave spacer will be required for clean Tru-Hop function due to differences in tolerances from hop-up unit to hop-up unit. To install, flatten the bottom of the hop-up arm as shown below. The concave spacer can either be glued to the hop-up arm or used as a loose, stand-alone part. Either way, please ensure that the flat side of the concave spacer is facing the flat side of the hop-up arm.


Due to the internal shape of the contact patch, there are some barrel requirements that must be met. This bucking was designed to be compatible with large spectrum or barrel brands. However not all barrels will be compatible. To check for compatibility, one must only ensure that the barrel window meets the minimum dimensions shown below. The TruSight team should have rounded corners with success.

Installation Instructions

For full detailed instructions (pictures included) on how to install the Gen 2 Tru-Hop Bucking, click here: Gen 2 Tru-Hop Bucking Installation

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout

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User reviews 4.75 / 5 Reviews: (8)

  • CS By Colin S. - 23-10-2020 15:10

    5 / 5

    Always get good range and accuracy with these, close to the performance of a r-hop without the setup of a r-hop..
    they are an awesome upgrade.

  • FV By Frank V. - 02-04-2020 09:38

    5 / 5

    This has become my go to hop Rubber & TBB works perfectly with a madbull black python 2 inner. Barrel length is 7inches & range is 65m on .28g bbs. Run in my Ares Octarms Pro & G&G combat machine srs. Nub May ne d a bit of work to get it to fit perfectly. Check out teamapexuk on insta for fitting photos

  • JL By Janvier logan - 25-03-2020 18:39

    5 / 5

    Un des meilleurs joint hop up à mon avis
    Monté sur
    canon lambda smart
    Hop up shs plastique bleue
    Nozzle shs
    Le tout dans un hk 416c vfc

  • AA By Alex a. - 20-03-2020 15:58

    3 / 5

    Desde mi opinión es una goma de calidad pero de rendimiento medio proporciona mucha más precisión pero pierde mucho alcanze y compresión nula por tanto no es una buena opción para mi srs desde mi punto de vista.
    Quizás haciéndole algún mod para conseguir más compresión se consiguen buenos resultados pero sinceramente de origen no es buena opción

  • AP By Albert P. - 28-02-2020 19:40

    5 / 5

    Top bucking, eindelijk geen misfeeds meer

  • AP By Adam P. - 20-05-2018 18:46

    5 / 5

    Extrem gutes Bucking um Reichweite zu erhöhen. Ich habe es in meine M249 verbaut mit einer Bulger HopUp unit und Maple Leaf Omega Hop Up Tensioner. Unglaublich!!!

  • PS By Patrick S. - 08-05-2018 16:25

    5 / 5

    Product arrived perfectly as advertised.Most importantly it was packed extremely in a professional way to ensure no damage is done to the contents

  • AD By Andreas D. - 03-03-2018 16:21

    5 / 5

    Es wurde keine Beschreibung gegeben.

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Tru-Hop High Performance Bucking (Gen 2)

Tru-Hop High Performance Bucking (Gen 2)

€ 19,95

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