LONEX Extreme toughness piston

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This red piston is made out of a proprietary blend of 20-30% fiberglass and polyamide for the most Extreme setups. These teeth are heat-treated steel and CNC machined, and Lonex has left a one-piece reinforcement bar along one side for added strength between teeth. The next 4 teeth and the pick-up tooth are one-piece with the piston body and also feature heavy-duty blocks on both sides of the teeth to prevent teeth-shearing and to distribute force. 

The 2nd tooth has already been removed to help you correct angle of engagement (AoE). The piston guide rails have 2 sections on each side cut out to reduce friction and overall piston weight. The front of the piston is also quite thick meaning that the impacts of the piston head against the piston can be better dissipated. We have seen stress fractures at the heads of other pistons and having a thicker head with better materials prevents this piston from suffering the same.

This piston is NOT compatible with TM, KWA, and Guarder sets.

Weight: 19.2g

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