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The SHS Laser Bore Sighter is an indispensable tool for hunters and sport shooters.

The laser shot checker is inserted into the inner barrel and is used for fast and accurate shotinspection as well as for setting and checking the point of impact.

The laser shunting aid is completely made of metal and therefore very robust and durable.

The operation is extremely simple - just insert the batteries and the laser is ready for use. Then calibrate the displayed point with the cross of your riflescope, collimator or mechanical visor. The displayed red dot is strong and precise.

The SHS Laser Bore Sighter comes with 4 adapter caliber arbors for different calibres r.22(5.6 mm) to .50 (12.7 mm). Since the caliber mandrels are tapered, they fit very well in all internal runs (each spike attachment is for multiple diameters).

Laser class 3R, 650 nm, <5mW 

The set includes: 

- Laser Bore Sighter 
- Battery pack 
- 4 adapters for the barrel 
- screwdriver 
- Allen key 
- Instructions for use

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