Airsoftphilosopher Flat AEG bucking 60º (grey)

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Flat AEG bucking 60º (grey)

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Airsoftphilosopher Flat AEG bucking 60º (grey)

Material:         Silicone rubber

Hardness:       Shore A60

Compatibility:  AEG or VSR-10 chamber

FPS recommendation:   200-600 fps (equals 0.4 - 3.3 Joule )

Designed for R-Hop systems

The Flat Bucking is designed to let you use R-Hop and similar Hopup methods. It is totally flat at the inside and applies even pressure

Note: Most chambers are not designed for big hop windows and bridged barrels. Please make sure the Hopup arm and nub applies pressure at the correct position.

Perfect airseal

Every Hopup bucking has two main tasks:
Applying perfect Hop and providing airseal.

So the Airsoftphilosopher concave bucking feeding lip is tighter than other buckings to provide perfect airseal.  The special design reduces feeding problems.

Additional 3D impress on the outside improves the tight fit inside the chamber.
(Every chamber has slightly different dimensions, so if the airseal is not good with your chamber, wrap some layers of teflon tape on the outside)

Special developed material

The durable silicone rubber is designed to create perfect friction between BB and Bucking. The large contact area of the patch allows it to use very soft rubber, which creates perfect air seal and is still capable to Hop the heaviest weight BBs.

Due to the special compound, the silicone rubber has a higher compression set stability and reliably returns to its starting position even after a long exposure.

Polished surface  

Each bucking has a polished surface to provide highest tolerance and consistency. 

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout

Orders outside EU - save -21% VAT at checkout

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Flat AEG bucking 60º (grey)

Flat AEG bucking 60º (grey)

€ 11,95

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